Specialised Services

Marscco provides a series of specialised services in various fields of freshwater, estuarine and marine sciences. The company has access to laboratory facilities as well as powered vessels and required oceanographic and underwater sampling gear (e.g., plankton nets, ROVs, depth sounders, CTDs, sediment corers etc.). Main services comprise:

  • Baseline Surveys in freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats
  • Characterisation of marine environment for Deep-Sea Tailing Placement (DSTP) projects
  • Fish biology, Biodiversity and Ecology
  • Preparation of EPBC Referrals, EIAs and EISs
  • Applications of Fish Eggs and Larvae Data as biological and impact indicators
  • Identification of zooplankton and Early Fish Stages in Ship's Ballast Water
  • Plankton, micronekton, demersal and seabed benthic ecology
  • Physical and biological oceanography
  • Sampling design and monitoring of water quality
  • Fisheries stock assessments and management
  • Egg-based models for stock biomass estimation of commercial pelagic fishes
  • Aerial monitoring of pelagic fishes, seabirds and marine mammals
  • Biodiversity policies and environmental legislation
  • Management logistics and HSSE of field-based projects
  • Team mentoring and supervision
  • Reviews of final reports and assessments
  • Professional report preparation and writing