Surveying and Monitoring

Marscco's assessment services in coastal systems include:

  • Oceanographic conditions and water columm features (salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence)
  • Zooplankton dynamics, with particular emphasis to ichthyoplankton (fish Eggs and Larvae)
  • Identification of zooplankton and early-stage fishes (eggs and larvae) in ballast water
  • Usage and importance of bays and estuaries to fishes, including migration and spawning
  • Diversity, biology and ecology of larval, juvenile and adult fishes
  • Tidal transport of fish eggs and larvae
  • Sampling design and rapid fauna surveys
  • Intertidal and subtidal ecology
  • Concentration of Heavy Metals in fishes and shellfishes
  • Commercial and recreational fisheries
  • Biological indicators and environmental impact assessment
  • Monitoring and management advice