Field-work images

Photographs from selected marine impact assessment projects in the past 10 years. Copyright photos: Marscco (F.J. Neira)


Working in Woodlark

Goldspotted rockcod (Serraniade)

 Bongo sampler

 Bongo net sampler (vertical tows)


 Juvenile slimehead from micronekton sample (Trachichthyidae)

Opening-closing Tucker trawl net (micronekton sampling)




 Viperfish from night plankton sample (Stomiidae)

12V electric reel to sample deep-sea fishes

Gulper sharks (Centrophoridae) - upper Huon Gulf

Net plus CTD

Bongo net sampler + CTD (vertical tows)

IMG 17

ADCP recovery - Woodlark Island (PNG)

 Longfin gulper shark Huon 2017

 Guper shark (Centrophoridae) - upper Huon Gulf

Black jewfish Paranibea PNG

Black jewfish (Sciaenidae) - upper Huon Gulf


Bongo net sampler + CTD (oblique tows)

Spanish mackerel (Scombridae)

Common pike conger eel (Muraenesocidae) - Markham River plume outside Lae