Fisheries Assessments

Marscco offers services ranging from basic finfish stock assessments and CPUE analyses to sampling design and application of the daily egg production method (DEPM) to estimate spawning biomass of small pelagic fishes. Previous fisheries projects include:

  • DEPM-based spawning biomass estimates of redbait, Emmelichthys nitidus (Emmelichthyidae), jack mackerel, Trachurus declivis (Carangidae) and yellow-tail scad, T. novaezelandiae (Carangidae) in south-eastern Australia.
  • Biology and fishery of pilchard, Sardinops sagax (Clupeidae) in south-eastern Australia.
  • Trophodynamics of small pelagic fishes in the southern Australian ecosystem – implications for ecosystem modelling of southern temperate fisheries.
  • Review of research on South Australian pilchard fishery.
  • Spawning and larval recruitment processes of commercially important species in coastal waters.
  • Aerial survey of pilchard schools (Sardinops sagax): occurrence, distribution and biomass estimates.